Dating Ivar would include:His perspective: – Correcting Aslaug…

Dating Ivar would include:
His perspective:
– Correcting Aslaug if she doesn’t treat you as an equal.
– Getting mad at other girls if they try to get his attention.
– Pulling you on his lap in public to show them all that you are his.
– Touching you underneath the table, preparing you for what he is about to do later that night.
– Only allowing you to sit next to him in his chariot or to ride on his white horse.
– Loving it when you tell him stories about your childhood because he feels bad that he wasn’t there with you.
– Telling you every detail about his raid because he wants you to feel involved although you weren’t there.
– Being a little rough in bed, but respecting your boundaries and being very sweet afterwards.
– Assuring you that he is going to make you one of the most powerful woman in the world.
– Showing his legs to you because he finds it important that you know every edge of him, even though it makes him feel vulnerable.

Your perspective:
– Being able to stare at his blue eyes for eternity and still being blown away by the beauty and expression.
– Having to deal with his frequent mood swings and being the only one who can calm him down.
– Being thanked by him for all your love and help, not only with clothes and jewellery but also unconditionally love.
– Feeling proud whenever you look at him when he’s in public, he is in fact Ivar the Boneless and he is yours.
– Having quite an position in Kattegat, people fear and look up to you as much as they do to Ivar.
– Being the only one who is allowed to help Ivar with his disability.
– Cherish a hate-love relationship with Björn and Sigurd and making them clear that you would always choose Ivar’s side.
– Never being seen alone in public because Ivar makes sure you are always accompanied to prevent you from harm.
– Encouraging Ivar before his raids and stimulating him to make people fear or worship him.
– Not being afraid when you see him leave in the ships because you know he will come back to you.