Björn Ironside x Reader [1]

Request by: Anonymous

Request: Björn x Shield maiden reader where their relationship starts like Ragnar and Lagertha where the reader saves his life.

Warnings: Violence, fluff

Words: 1575

A massacre. Bodies spread all over the field. There wasn’t much green left because of the blood that covered the grass. Blood from as well friend as enemy. There were no words for the emotions that flooded through the warrior’s veins. It was even a question if there was already a place for emotions. Adrenaline was still rushing through most of the warrior’s veins. Björn was one of them. Although he was exhausted, sat crouched and looked over the battlefield. The blade from his axe stuck in the grass, his elbow was resting on the handle. “Ironside?” A viking warrior approached and awoke Björn from his thoughts. He looked at the younger boy, his face was just as much covered in blood as his. “We are heading for the village.” The boy said with a little nod before he ran off again, joining the rest of the remaining warriors. Björn took a few more seconds to think everything through before he raised back on his feet again. Time to claim whatever they wanted to claim.

The village they were about to raid was small, not much alike Kattegat. It was abandoned: most of the warriors were killed in battle, others were captured. The woman and children had probably fled. “Let’s split up. Take everything usefull” Björn said, with a raw undertone in his voice. And that was the first time you saw him again since the start of the battle. He looked even more fierce, with his clothes dirty and torn, with all the blood on his hands. The remaining troop split up, just as their leader had commanded. But not you. You stood there, waiting for the other vikings and shield maiden to leave the little town square you had gathered on. “Björn.” You called his name, when he made preparative to go and look for treasure himself. He stopped, looked over his shoulder, and then was when you caught his eyes. “Y/n.” He said softly, and frowned his forehead in question. There had always been a strange chemistry between the both of you. Like a magnet, pushing and pulling. There was something bot none of you was ever able to say what or even take some kind of initiative to find out about it. So there had always been some kind of distance between the both of you. You knew him, and he knew you, but at the same time not at all. “I’m glad to see the battle left you in one piece.” He said, softly. You couldn’t help yourself from smiling and wiped some dirt from your forehead. “So am I, Ironside.” Your answer made him lift the corner of his mouth. It made him immediately look less dangerous and you couldn’t help yourself from smiling more. You knew he had some soft spots, you had seen it before, years ago. But everything that had happened to him, had turned him into.. the person who was standing in front of you. “You need a hand?” You asked him and pointed towards a little house in the distance. For a moment you could see that he was thinking, but eventually he nodded and started to walk towards the front door from the house you had pointed to.

It broke from its hinges when Björn placed his shoulder to it. Wood splintered and the door fell forward with a loud smack. When the dust cleared up, Björn stepped over the door and started to search through the house. You followed his lead. “I’ll take a look in the other room. Are you okay here?” He asked and stared at you with a piercing look in his eyes. Softly you chuckled. “I have survived many battles, Björn. I think I can handle a kitchen.” Björn raised an eyebrow, busted himself that he had asked such a stupid question.. Why had he even asked that? Why was he some kind of worried about you. He felt stupid and started to turn towards the door leading to the other room. “But thank you..” The words were out of your mouth before you knew it. Something inside of you couldn’t deal with the disappointment you could discern on his face. “..for your concern.” Björn nodded and the glance on his face softened before he disappeared in the other room. You kept searching, found some gold, shiny cutlery and grain. But nothing that was really worth a thing. So you decided just to wait for Björn to return from the other room. You could feel the strange tension between the both of you and didn’t wanted to cross his line. So you started to look outside the dusty window, to the empty streets that probably had been full with people, once. People that you had slaughtered earlier. A sigh came out of your mouth and you stroke over your face and through your long, messy hair. The braids that had been in it, were falling apart. And then a loud clap pealed through the house, followed by some bumping against walls. Frightened you looked over your shoulder, it sounded like someone released a wild animal in the other room. “Björn?” You shouted, but there came no response.

So you jumped on your feet and ran through the door that Björn had went through. And then you saw him. It took you a second before you could understand what was happening. There was another man in the room, he was behind Björn and had strung some kind of rope around his neck. Björn was chocking, gasping for breath without any success. His hands were around his neck, trying to pull the rope away from it. But the other man was holding it as if his life depended from it. And then you stopped thinking and started reacting. With a furious shout you pulled your axe from its holster. And then you threw. Accurate, without even have to thing about it. Just the way you always did. A grotesque sound filled the room when the iron pierced the skull from the man. He dropped dead, like a rag doll you had when you were just a little girl. Because the loss of the support from the man and the lack of oxygen, Björn fell through his legs. He sat on his knees, desperately groping the rope that was still tied around his neck, cutting his breath. Without thinking you sunk on your knees next to him and pushed his hands away from his neck. “Let me, let me.” You whispered with a shiver in your voice. You were just as frightened as he was. While you were unknotting the rope, you looked him in the eyes. Some veins had popped, colouring his normally blue eyes dark red. And then the rope finally came loose.

He gasped for breath, but that was the only reflex there was left in his body. Slowly his body started to lower to the ground, his eyes closing. “Björn?” You asked and folded your arms around him to keep him straight up. “Talk to me, Björn.” Out of helplessness you bit your lower lip and pulled him closer to you. ”Please.” And then you pressed your forehead against his shoulder, not knowing what to do. Like that you sat together for a while. Were it minutes, were it hours? You couldn’t tell anymore. Until you felt some movement. Movement coming from Björn. Slowly he was moving an arm. You could feel how much effort he needed to pull it off. Again you looked at him and saw him slowly opening his eyes. “Hey.” You whispered and waited in fear, fear what was about to happen next. ”Hey.” He answered. A raw, muttering ‘hey’, but it was a ‘hey’. The arm he had lifted up, suddenly fell around your neck. An emotional smile appeared on your lips, and you could see the same happening with him. “Don’t ever do that again.” You whispered relieved and pinched in the fabric from his clothes. And then you felt the pressure in your neck: He was pulling you closer towards him. Without any hesitation you leaned in and let the moment take care of the rest. His lips on yours, it was the most saturating feeling you had ever felt. You guided your hands up his face, pulled him even closer and tried to get rid of all the space between the both of you. He opened his arms, turned his lower body and pulled you on his lap. Björn’s hands went up and down your body, like he was trying to make up for all the time in the past that he hadn’t used to touch you. Gently you pulled your lips back, your forehead still against his. “This..” you said, softly panting from the emotions, again “Shhhhh.” He put you to silent and embraced your body with his muscular arms. You couldn’t explain why, but it immediately felt like home. “Thank you.” He whispered. It broke your heart to hear the raspy pain in his voice. But the meaning behind his words made your heart melt. You pressed your face against the safety of his shoulder and there wasn’t much more needed for the both of you to realise that this just was the beginning of something special.