Moon of my life Pt.1 – [Björn x Daenerys]


A Vikings and Game of
Thrones crossover.

Request by: @fandomgirl770

Request: Hey, could you please do a drabble with Bjorn/Daenerys Targaryen?
Either them meeting for the first time, having a conversation, an arranged
marriage, or a little Smut maybe, lol Idk. When I think of those two, the first
thing that comes to mind is when Daenerys eats the horse heart and Drogo lifts
her up and holds her. I can picture Bjorn doing the same thing.

Warnings: Storyline

Words: 1174

Note: Like
expected, a little bit too long to be considered a drabble. Part 2 will follow
soon, maybe even a part 3. Please let me know what you think about it, it is my
first crossover and I really don’t know if this is what you guys want to read.
I’m very into storylines, and I know the most of you are very into plotless
smut. So sorry there isn’t any in this part yet, but I promise the rest of this
story will include some.  

Ragnar rolled his eyes in their sockets. He was slowly starting to lose
his patience. “When are you going to start acting like a real son of mine.” Those words hit Björn hard, like an axe through
the heart. He frowned his eyebrows and looked at his father in pure anger. “I
am! It just isn’t fair.” Ragnar looked straight back at him, that typical smile
on his face, his eyes wide open. “Life isn’t fair.” He answered and raised his
shoulders. His son would need some more convincement to make him shiver on his
feet. “Father, please.” Björn implored and the anger on his face disappeared
since it was clear that that wouldn’t change a thing.  Ragnar chuckled and leaned back in his chair,
folding his hands over his lower stomach. “Mother?” Björn turned to Lagertha,
who was stirring in a kettle of soup. She just stood there, smiling in silence.  “I can’t marry a girl I have never met
before.” Slowly he walked towards his mother and felt her hand on his shoulder.
Softly she pinched, trying to comfort him in any way, even though she knew she
couldn’t help him out on this one. “You can, Björn. And you will. Your father
has made that decision for you.” Björn turned his head away from the both of
them and turned his hands to fists. “If you don’t want to do this for your father..” Ragnar said and stood up.
“Then do it for your King. Hmm?” He
tilted his head to the side from discontent and walked towards his son. With a
soft smack he placed his hand on the back of his head and shook it from left to
right. “And remember your purpose, Ironside.”
By those words he left the room, leaving Björn behind with Lagertha.

A few moments in complete silence flew by, until Björn turned towards
his mother again. “He’s always talking about purpose.” Lagertha could see the
questioning look in Björn’s eyes and couldn’t help herself from smiling. “He is
King now.” She said softly, and placed the spoon on the side of the kettle.
“People expect things of him and he needs to keep everybody happy. In this case
that means that he has to forge ties with Skagen,
and the only way to do that is by marriage.” Lagertha sighed, it was hard to
explain to her son why he was being forced into marriage. She could understand
his frustration. “Keep everybody happy?” Björn repeated. “Everybody except for
his son.” He brought his hands towards his face and placed it on his forehead
while he was walking back and forward through the room. “You are the only one
who can help him, Björn. Ragnar would do it himself, but he is already married
to me. And I won’t let him bed two
woman at once.” Björn looked up to his mother and saw the slightly frustrated
look on her face. No, he knew how much his mother loved his father. A second
wife would destroy her. “There is no going back from this, son. I am sorry, but
you’ll have to accept this faith.” She picked up the spoon again and started
steering the soup. Her eyes weren’t pointed at him anymore, as if she wasn’t
able to look him straight into the eyes. “Maybe she’s pretty and you’ll love
her. Maybe she is not, and you will ask her permission to get a second wife.”
Lagertha shrugged her shoulder and looked at her son again. “But only time will
tell. Just remember that you are not alone. You have the Gods. And Me.” Björn could see her compassion, but
he couldn’t feel  it. Slowly but certain he started to realise
that he just had to accept his faith. For his King. But maybe even more for his

Days had gone by, which Björn had spent the way he wanted. In general he
tried to avoid his father as much as possible, to not get reminded all the time
about what was yet to come. But today was the day that he couldn’t ran from
Ragnar. “Björn.” His father shouted, and against his will he walked upon him. “Look.”
Ragnar pointed towards the fjords and the water inside the bay of Kattegat.
Björn pinched his eyes to a slit and could distinguish sails on the horizon. “Is
it her?” He asked with a soft tone in his voice. “The King of Skagerrak.”
Ragnar said and pushed his son to his shoulder. “Her father, which she is going to obey just as you are going to obey me.” Ragnar chuckled and placed his arm
over Björn’s shoulder. “Please don’t hate me yet, son.” He rubbed through Björn’s
blonde hair. “Just wait. And especially see.”
Together they walked upon the docks, and after a while more people from
Kattegat started to joing them. Everybody knew what was going on: They were
being visited by the King from Skagerrak, and Björn was going to ask his daughter’s hand for marriage. Together Skagerrak and Kattegat would form an enormous trade
route, and they would swear loyalty to each other. Something that could come in
handy in times of war. Lagertha had joined her husband and son, and looked just
as them over the water to the boats that were coming closer. Björn felt his
heartbeat raise, and from the moment the boats reached the shore, the only
thing he wanted to do was disappear. People jumped from the boats, servants and
boatmen took care of anchoring in the docks from Kattegat. And then King Rigas
and Queen Gunnovor from Skagerrak showed up. Ragnar laughed and stepped forward
to greet the King like they were old friends. Björn knew his father had been
long from home, but still he wondered how it was possible that there had grown
such a friendship. But he hadn’t much time to think about it, since his
attention was drawn to the next person that stepped outside of the boat.

A slender girl, with eyes as blue as crystals entered the wooden wharf.
She was dressed in a light blue dress that fluctuated because of the soft
breeze that hung in the air. Her golden locks of hair did exactly the same. It
didn’t took long before Rigas and Ragnar noticed the way Björn was looking at
Rigas’ daughter. Slowly but certain she stepped closer, looked for a look of
approval from her father which she immediately got. Björn tried to swallow away
the lump in his throat when he saw her strolling towards him. She looked so
soft, so fragile, but at the same
time she looked strong, compelling.
He couldn’t define what he was looking at, but it was something he had never
seen before. Flawless. The girl stopped
a meter in front of him and nodded softly at him. She looked for his eyes, blue
against blue. Then she raised the corner of her mouth and her face started to
gleam. “Hello Björn.” She said to him. “My name is Daenerys.”