The lion, the wolf and the dragon Pt.1 – [Jon x Reader]


Request by: @whatshernamemaria

Request: Jon Snow and
Lannister reader who’s the daughter of Jamie and Cersei, where they wed.

Warnings: Fluff

Words: 1042

She had lost, Cersei. The throne, her power, everything. Only thinking about the way
they had overthrown King’s Landing made Jon’s mouth form into a smile. An
intimidation game, exactly the same that Cersei herself had always played. The screech
from Drogon in the distance enough to make the people shiver in their houses. Jon
could feel the wind blow through his hair again. Jamie had seen him before, the
dragon, he knew what he was capable of. And that was only one of them. He had tried to warn Cersei, but as expected she
wouldn’t listen. The former Queen had never seen a dragon before, and it was
clear that the skulls in the dungeons weren’t impressive enough to make her
think rationally. But when all of a sudden three dragons casted their shadows
over the enormous city, she knew she had made a mistake by not listening to
Jamie. He awoke from his thought when Daenerys scrapped her throat. Jon looked
at her, sitting on the Iron Throne while he himself was standing beneath the
few stairs in front of is. “Are you really sure you want to do this?” She asked
him without looking him into the eyes. “We have talked about this, Dany.” He
whispered back and looked over his shoulder. The Dothraki, the Unburned, people
from King’s Landing, they all had gathered. This wasn’t the exact moment to go
back into discussion. “It could’ve been so different.” And then she looked Jon
in the eyes, with a glance of regret. “This is the most peaceful way, you know
that.” There was some sort of pain in his voice, but he was not giving in to
it. What had to be done, had to be done. And Dany knew it, so she looked back
straight forward, into the throne room.

The silence was being broken by the heavy
doors being opened. All eyes were being pointed to the back of the great hall.
Jon turned his body and pierced his eyes onto.. you. Dressed in a magnificent, white, silk dress. It was embroiled
with golden thread, pearls and the signs of three houses: Lannister. Stark. Targaryen. Jamie was holding your hand
as he walked you down the throne room, towards Jon. His eyes were full of
sorrow, but he didn’t hesitated once when he handed over your hand to Jon.
Nobody had a choice. It was indeed the most peaceful way, so you had accepted
your faith. The safety of the Lannister-name was in your hands. Jamie took
place next to Cersei, with that typical sour glance on her face. But she kept
quiet, didn’t dare to open her mouth
over what was happening. She was humiliated, had lost everything and now had to
give her daughter away to the man that helped overthrow her. You looked up at
Jon and saw him looking straight back at you with his soft, brown eyes. “Are
you all right?” He whispered so only you could hear him. Softly you nodded and
raised the corner of your mouth. It had been a few weeks since they had
overthrown Cersei, and it didn’t took long for them to propose the marriage
between you and Jon. It was that, or the eradication of the Lannisters. Except
for Tyrion, probably. Daenerys didn’t
trusted Cersei, Jamie or any other Lannister. And by making Jon marry one of
them they would seal an arrangement of trust and loyalty without having to waste
more blood. Guess it was a good thing that they had one more daughter left.

Daenerys stood up, silencing everybody in the
throne room. Jon looked at her and you followed his example, still holding his
hand. “We have come together today for a very special occasion.” Daenerys spoke
with a certain strength, but also a weakness in her voice. You could swear she
was glancing at Jon for a second. “We are here to secure our future, to make sure that we can speak
about trust and loyalty again.” She took a deep breath before she continued. “You
may now cloak the bride and bring her under your protection.” Jon untied the
little strap that kept his black cloak from falling of his shoulder and held it
open for you. With a smile on your face you turned around, so he could place it
over your slim shoulders. It took a second for you to get used to the weight,
but at the same time it brought some feeling of safety over you, just as Daenerys
had said. “Let it be known that Y/n of house Lannister and Jon of the houses
Stark and Targaryen, King in the North are are one heart, flesh and soul. Look upon each other and
say the words” Jon reached for your hand again and turned sideways so he could
look you straight in the eyes. In choir you started to speak, Jon a little
louder and more certain than you. But you didn’t mind, it felt good to hear him
say the exact same words as you, pledging his loyalty to you and making you his
wife. “Father, smith, warrior, mother, maiden, crown, stranger. I am hers and she is mine. From this day until the end of my days.” And then you felt
his hand on your face. Jon cupped your cheek and leaned in to kiss you. His
lips felt warmer, softer than you had imagines. You were too shy to give your
complete self to him, but the feeling in your stomach already told you that
that would fade away in time. Bells started to ring and again there sounded
dragon’s screeching. For a second there was a look of fear in your eyes and you
ended the kiss. “Easy.” Jon said and softly pinched your hand. “You will get
used to them.”

The silence in Jon’s sleep quarter brought
you some calmness. You could still see the look on your father’s face when Jon
had guided you outside the throne room. Everybody knew what would happen after
a marriage, and you tried not to think about it. Not yet. You stood there, in the middle of his room, looking at all the
little details. His sword, that was resting against the side of his bed,
the candles, that the servants had lit for the both of you. “Here.” He said with a soft
voice and walked upon you with two cups of wine. With a shy smile you took one
from them and immediately took a sip. Jon did the same, while looking over the
edge of his. “I.. eh..” He started and frowned his eyebrows while looking at
the floor. He bit his lip, clearly thinking about words that would fit in the
moment they were in. “Have you ever..?” He asked, and looked back at you with
the same uncertainty as you had. You tried to swallow away the lump in your
throat before you answered. “No.” You said as brave as you could and quickly
took another sip of the wine. You could see that Jon didn’t knew how he had to
respond to your answer. Clearly this wasn’t what he had expected. So you had to
say something.. anything.. “Have you?” Your question made him chuckle softly,
hoping that was a suited answer. But he immediately stopped when he saw the
uncertainty on your face, telling him that you actually meant your question. “I
have.” He said and frowned his eyebrows thinking back about it. “But I’m not an
expert, if that would sooth you.” You took a deep, shivery breath and couldn’t
help yourself from staring him into the eyes as a frightened animal. “Please
don’t be afraid.” Jon said with an even more soft undertone in his voice. He
took your cup before you could drop it, and placed it on the table together
with his. Gently he placed his hands on your upper arms and stepped a little
closer. “Are you afraid?” He said and tried to raise the corner of his mouth.
It broke him somehow to see you like that. Again you swallowed, thinking about
your answer. Yes you were afraid, but you were also aware that this marriage
had to work. There was no other way. “Only if Ghost would be here.” You said
and smiled a bit before you turned your look to the floor. “Are you afraid of
Ghost?” He asked with soft laughter. Him smiling was enough to make you look
back up again. “The only thing he will do is protect you. Just as I will.” Jon
cupped your cheek and took a deep breath. “You are my wife now, Y/n. It is my
duty to protect you, to care for you and to love
you. We just need to give it a chance to grow.” You nodded when he finished
those words. He was right, you had to give it a change. “Please be gentle.” You
asked him and placed your hand on the back of his neck. “I promise.” This time
it was you who started the kiss.

Note: Well… I could’ve gone further with this wedding night, but I was
already past 1500 words, and I don’t know if this story is like you guys want
it to be. So not really sure if I should add a second part or not. I have never
written smut before and I don’t want to disappoint you guys.