Vikings RPG [Available canons]

most of you might already know, @lordavanti​ and I are the proud owners of the
vikings RPG called Ragnarok. At the moment we have a total of
52 characters, created by approximately 8 members who are active almost every

we are still looking for new members to join our incredible writing story.
Don’t worry if you are inexperienced, because we are a very close group of
friendly people who wo love to help you out. It is really something even I have
never experienced before, and I’m in the RPG-world for over 6 years now.

also have a place for experienced writers. As you might have read in the title,
there is still a bunch of available canons, waiting for somebody to be played.
I’m talking about: Hvitserk, Sigurd, Halfdan, Floki, Helga, Torvi and

If you are interested or have any questions, please feel free to contact me (here or on the RPG). Everybody is welcome!