all-my-nopes: Ragnar left … he left behind his throne, his…


Ragnar left … he left behind his throne, his wife, his five sons. Kattegat was in mourning for their King. Beaten and broken, he left without any explanation. Time passed. Weeks became years and the five heirs gave up their hope of ever seeing their father again. Ragnar never came back to teach them to fight, or lead like a real Viking would; He never came back to see them grow strong. But they did. They became fierce men, and the loss of their father made them even stronger. Björn was the one taking the lead; Walking in the fading footsteps of his father, he took care of his other brothers, trying to make them measure up to the last name they carried. Ragnarsson.

But the whispers of Ragnar Lothbrok abandoning his kingdom brought a certain tension into the stronghold that calls itself Kattegat. Queen Aslaug took advantage of her husband’s name and power, waiting for the right moment to make Kattegat her own. But the threat is not only from within Kattegat itself. For there are competitors on the horizon. More kingdoms are waiting to challenge the largest trading city in history, for the love of power, gold and glory. 

Ragnarok is a small but growing RP site based on History Channel’s Vikings. We’re looking for new members to join our community, whether you are a new or experienced roleplayer. It takes place during the Season 4 time jump, before Ragnar returns to Kattegat. Some canon characters are available. @concretewalls