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Aslaug Meme → [½] Literature: Aslaug weaving the shirt for Ragnar
✧ Wiser each day grew Aslaug in runes and magic, and it was in her mind that some day might Ragnar, though now aged, wish again to go a-viking, since this had ever been his life’s work.

Therefore called she her daughters and said: “Let us make for Ragnar a shirt, wherein I will weave magic and runes so that, old though he be, no steel nor venom shall ever hurt him.”

And she took silk from the South lands, the fibres of herbs that she alone knew, and some of her hair and that of her daughters, and she taught them magic songs, so, as they wove, they sang, and the spells were worked back and forth through the shirt until they filled it throughout. Then did Aslaug lay it by until it should be needed. ~Asgard and Norse Heroes re-told by Katherine F. Boult