and seriously Lagertha is at least 53 now since Bjorn is in his late 30′s (probably 39 maybe even 40 in 5A) and she had him at 16 according to the Vikings wiki,  and Judith should be pretty close to that as well, though I can buy Judith because she would be around the same age as Bjorn and some people age really well into their fourties. Aslaug would have also been getting into her late 40′s possibly 50′s when she died but looked the same except for heavier eye makeup. I don’t know why they do not age the women very much in this show. Helga was the only one they did it for a little bit immediately after the big time skip but when 4B started it was kinda gone.

They only gave Aslaug a slightly shorter hairstyle and it didn’t age her at all. It would be funny if every woman opting for the same shoulder-length hairstyle would magically become 20 years older.