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“Upon its crest was set in defiance a gilded image of Glaurung the dragon; for it had been made soon after he first issued from the gates of Morgoth. Often Hador, and Galdor after him, had borne it in war; and the hearts of the host of Hithlum were uplifted when they saw it towering high amid the battle, and they cried: ‘Of more worth is the Dragon of Dor-lómin than the gold-worm of Angband!’” ~ Tolkien

Oh that we would have the audacity to take our enemies and wear their likeness into battle! That is the kind of courage that says, “Nothing more do I fear. Nothing more is left to be conquered, for I already have my enemy in hand.” Not only does that give you courage, but it inspires those who look upon your struggle and moves them to imitation of your great deeds. (at Middle Earth)