viking-blr: Around the year 900 a rich king…


Around the year 900 a rich king died in Denmark. In order to set him on his way to the underworld, his magnificient ship was prepared and filled with valuables so that he could arrive to the underworld an important man.

 The Viking and his ship

When the king died, his ship was towed on land and filled with all his most valued belongings and things that he needed for his last journey to the underworld.

The ship was placed 50 meters from the sea and the king placed in the back end of the ship in his finest clothes and with all his finest weapons and everyday items. In the front of the ship 4 dogs and 11 horses were placed before a mound was constructed over the ship. This mount was clearly visible from sea indicating to all passers-by that a great man lay buried here.

That a great man was arriving in the underworld was not only visible in the valuable belongings that the king brought with him. The ship was a 21 meter long formidable war ship cleverly designed to sail along the coast line and through rivers and streams. The ship was constructed like a dragon and the head caused fear among people as the ship soared forwards.