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drogons: mama bear with her cub (✿◠‿◠) Your …


mama bear with her cub (✿◠‿◠)

Your life has never been easy, I know that. But, as your son, I am so proud of you. Of what you have achieved.

Sami Partial Reindeer Castration






After last night’s episode, I did some research on the crushing reindeer balls with the teeth thing. Turns out it’s true, but, as usual, Hirst drastically misrepresented it. Here’s what I found. Keep in mind this is drastically simplified, and there are nuances to it that I definitely can’t speak to. This is what I found with just one google search and about ten minutes of reading. SEE HOW HARD THIS WAS, HIRST? Granted, there isn’t a ton of sources on this, but I’m going to keep digging, and I will reblog this post with more info once I find it. Anyone else, of course feel free to add anything found in your own research!

The Sami are reindeer herders. So what’s cool about reindeer, male reindeer in particular, is that they’re so big and strong, they’re able to break through layers and layers of ice to find vegetation. This ensures their own survival, as well as the survival of the herd, and when the herd is thriving, there’s a source of food and fur right there for the reindeer herders. The problem with these large male reindeer is that they have crazy amounts of testosterone and are really aggressive. They spend most of their time fighting and mating. If the reindeer gets injured in a fight, it’s unable to break through those layers of ice. This endangers the survival of the reindeer, the herd, and therefore the herders.

A complete castration destroys the testicles, and without that testosterone the male reindeer don’t always have the strength to break through all that ice. They grow feeble. The Sami perform a partial castration on their reindeer. They lasso the reindeer and bite down just enough to partially castrate the animal. It doesn’t destroy the balls, and leaves the reindeer with enough strength to be able to break through the ice because there’s still testosterone floating around in their blood stream. But there’s LESS testosterone, obviously, and so the reindeer aren’t as focused on fighting and fucking. 

There are a few videos on YouTube of the partial castration process, if anyone is interested in watching them. 

THANK YOU it’s so sad when a writer with such a large audience can’t even bothered to do a little simple research. My research said that the Sami were not herding the reindeer, just hunting them, prior to 1500 so it’s possible this little factoid is anachronistic too, but whatever, he just wanted to have an excuse for exoticized kinky sex so …

I’m about done with this fucking show.

Just a little research could solve all these problems! I’ll admit I didn’t look into when the Sami started herding the reindeer, I just looked into the partial castration thing.

The point is though, sometimes you have to dig a little bit BUT THE INFORMATION IS ALL THERE. And yeah, I’m nearing the end of my rope with this show. It’s just getting worse and worse as it goes on.

Hirst still seems to be living off of the approval of some Swedish professor that saw the first two episodes of season 1 years ago. Just because one person thought those two episodes were good doesn’t mean you can keep claiming that your show is ‘a big hit and very appreciated in Scandinavia’

Which is funny, because when season 1 first started I was taking a literature class on the sagas, and my professor watched the first episode when it aired and spent the entire class the next day just ranting about how inaccurate it was, at least from the point of view of the Saga of Ragnar Lothbrok. She was LIVID.

Now we finally know what Björn’s kink is!


Vikings S05E07 named differently

Björn Ironside – New Year New Me

Björn Ironside – Mommy’s boy

Björn Ironside – Discovering my kinks

Ubbe Ragnarsson – Getting my brother’s second handed stuff

Ubbe Ragnarsson – Help, my wife knows what she wants

Best part from S05E05?Definately Björn petting…

Best part from S05E05?

Definately Björn petting that dromedary after he hopped of. It just made me laugh and my heart melt at the same time. Gotta love Ironside ♥

Special thanks to @angelica61692

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