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theboatbuilderswife:                          ❝ We are such a…


                          ❝ We are such a HAPPY family —

irobbstark: Vikings challenge;  5/5 relationships | Floki &…


Vikings challenge;  5/5 relationships | Floki & Helga

Not only did people weep. But fire wept. And iron, and all the other metals wept. The stones wept. Earth wept. Farewell, voyager. Farewell, my heart.
Farewell… for now


Vikings RPG [Available canons]

most of you might already know, @lordavanti​ and I are the proud owners of the
vikings RPG called Ragnarok. At the moment we have a total of
52 characters, created by approximately 8 members who are active almost every

we are still looking for new members to join our incredible writing story.
Don’t worry if you are inexperienced, because we are a very close group of
friendly people who wo love to help you out. It is really something even I have
never experienced before, and I’m in the RPG-world for over 6 years now.

also have a place for experienced writers. As you might have read in the title,
there is still a bunch of available canons, waiting for somebody to be played.
I’m talking about: Hvitserk, Sigurd, Halfdan, Floki, Helga, Torvi and

If you are interested or have any questions, please feel free to contact me (here or on the RPG). Everybody is welcome!

theboatbuilderswife:                    ❝ Tonight, Helga, we…


                    ❝ Tonight, Helga, we shall CONCEIVE a child –

Looking for experienced writers

As the title says, @LordAvanti and me are looking for experienced writers to join us in our incredible Vikings-RPG-journey.

We still have some canon roles left, and it’s such a shame to leave those unfulfilled. The available canons are:

– Sigurd
– Floki
– Helga
– Torvi
– Halfdan

So if you are interested in writing from one of these character’s perspective or already have experience with that (like imagines and stuff), feel free to hit me up!

alessa-10:Name me one family which is happy.


Name me one family which is happy.

theboatbuilderswife:                      ❝ — I’m not a FOOL…


                      ❝ — I’m not a FOOL Helga.