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Imagine Ghost watching every step you take when Jon isn’t…

Imagine Ghost watching every step you take when Jon isn’t nearby. He knows you are Jon’s most precious possession and he has the urge to protect you from any harm.

Imagine Jon mentally preparing himself to come and save you out…

Imagine Jon mentally preparing himself to come and save you out of Ramsay Bolton’s hands.

Drabble requests

You know that feeling where you want to write, but don’t know exactely what? Well.. here I am.
My fingers are in a good mood, but there are just toooo many ideas in my head. So, if you have a request about something: Shoot. Double win!

I mostly write for Björn, but am ready to try Ubbe, Hvitserk, Harald or Halfdan. Please no Ivar, I would totally mess that shit up lol.

Note: I have never written smut before, so if that’s in your request (what is probably going to be hahaha you naughty people) I’ll give it a try, but can’t promise the quality.


Valhalla is where you are – Part 5Imagine: You and Björn are…

Valhalla is where you are – Part 5

Imagine: You and Björn are childhood friend who have separated ways when Lagertha left Ragnar. Years later you and Björn reunite and your love for eachother as friends starts to take a turn.

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Words: 1788

Timeline: Situated around S02E05

Request by: Anonymous

Tags: Emotions

The morning sun shone through the windows inside the house. Dust particles were visible in the yellow rays of sunlight. Slowly but certain you came back with conscious and awakened slowly. You moved your body and heard Björn mumble when you did so. A yawn came out of your mouth as you turned around. “Björn.” You whispered and leaned towards his ear. The both of you were still in the sofa from the evening before. “Hmm?” He answered sleep-drunk. The confusion in his eyes when he opened them made you giggle. “Good morning Björn Ragnarsson.” You whispered and put a soft kiss on his lips before you stood up. The blanket you took with you, leaving Björn in all his gracefulness on the sofa. “My head.” He said as he pinched his eyelids together and smiled towards the ceiling. With his hands covering his manhood as he stood up. “But also a good morning to you, my beautiful y/n.” He pressed a kiss on the crown of your hair. With his hand he stroke over your bare shoulders and walked to his clothes that hung before the stove. The fire had disappeared because of the lack of firewood, but the flames had managed to dry the both of your clothes by morning. “Now let me see.” You said with a concerned smile and walked upon him. “What?” he asked, didn’t knew what you were talking about. “Your side of course. The cut of the knife.” – “Oh, that.” He said and looked at himself. But there was not really much to see. The knife only went through the scarf-skin so it was nothing to worry about. “Are you lucky.” You said while raising your eyebrows. Björn laid his hand on your cheek and looked you straight into the eyes. “Ofcourse I’m lucky. Look at me.” He put a soft kiss on your lips and released you again. While Björn was putting on his clothes, you walked to the kitchen to prepare some kind of breakfast, not that he was very hungry while hungover.
But thinking that was a mistake. After he ate half a bread, four eggs and a lump of cheese he was just starting to feel fulfilled. You were laughing with the amount of food he was able to put through his throat. “What?” He asked you in a laughing way as he put the last piece of cheese in his mouth. “You surely are following your father’s advice.” You answered and stood up to clear the table. Björn shook his head while smiling and leaned aside towards you. He grabbed your belt and pulled you towards him. “Stop that.” He said and took the dishes from your hands, placed them back on the table again. “But I need to clean the mess you made.” You said giggling while Björn put you on his lap, one leg on each side of his body, your face pointed towards him. “Now stay still.” He ordered you in a fun way and grabbed your backside to prevent you from running away. Not that that was your intention. “What?” you asked him with laughter as you saw him staring at you with his bright blue eyes. “Can’t I look to you?” He asked and pulled you even closer. The smile on his lips was to melt for. You didn’t knew an answer, so you leaned blushful backwards. Your head was tilted backwards also so your hair floated through the air. Björn pressed his lips on your collarbone and kissed his way downwards your chest. A small sigh flew over your lips and made him stop what he was doing by running your fingers over his face. You leaned forward again and looked him in the eyes. “What do you want to do today?” He asked and stroke your hair back in place. “This.” You said and clamped your legs around him. Björn started to laugh. “We have plenty enough time to do this.” He answered and softly pressed his lower body against you. You tilted your head and raised an eyebrow from surprise. “Okay then. I still want to see you riding a horse.” You said eventually and an intense flickering appeared in your eyes. Björn pinched in your side playfully. “Are you challenging me right now?” He asked and stood up with you still on his lap. Slowly you slid back on your feet. “It isn’t a challenge if you already know who’s going to win.” You teased him and walked towards the door. “Watch your mouth you little rascal.” He started to run and chased you outside of the house. The only thing hearable was the laughter and screaming from the both of you. It was sensible that the thing that happened yesterday was still there. But the both of you didn’t mention it once. Maybe it was a good thing, trying to forget. For now.
“Are you sure you’re not going to fall off?” you asked him with laughter as you swung your feet over the back of your dappled grey mare. “Very sure.” Björn answered and ascended the dark brown stallion the stable boy had given him. He pressed his heels against the ribs of the horse and it jumped forward in rapture. Björn laughed, pulled the reins and turned his horse while waiting for you. He was amused with what had yet to come. You rolled your eyes when he did that show-off and commanded your mare forward also. It was clearly visible that he possessed some horse-riding skills, but you didn’t knew how far they’d take him. “Are you really going to take both the axe and the shield?” You asked when he bond his shield to his back and put his axe in the leather loop by his waist. Björn didn’t answer, he only looked at you with a serious glance in his eyes before he made his horse walk forward. Immediately you understood he didn’t wanted to talk about it and there was no way you could talk him over. “So where are we going then?” you asked to continued the conversation and came to ride alongside him. “The little lake in the mountains?” he suggested while looking at the sun that burned in the sky. For the time of the year it was very warm. At a footpace both of your horses walked forward. Here and there Björn’s stallion snorted at your mare, but further they behaved very well. It reminded you somehow to Björn himself. So you started to laugh in disguise. “Always laughing at me, aren’t you?” He said and looked sideward to you. You shook your head and looked the other way to hide your laughter. “Just make sure you can follow.” Björn added in a playful way and pressed his heels in the ribs of the horse. The stallion squeaked softly before he jumped forward and took off with a rattling gallop. You let the reins slip through your hands and leaned forward, only to spur on your horse and chase Björn.
Slowly but certain you gained in on him. The hooves of the horses spade the ground and left deep footprints. Björn looked over his shoulder towards you and laughed. “I’ll get you.” You shouted and pressed your heels harder against the sides of your mare. You bowed forward and took the end of the reins to slap softly against the shoulder of your horse. Eventually Björn slowed down and let you gain on him. “Surrendering already?” You asked him and pulled the reins softly. Björn shook his head with a smile on his face. “I just don’t want you to feel bad for losing with such a distance.” You leaned to the side and pushed his shoulder with a soft laughter. Both the horses went back to an energetic footpace, their breath clearly raised just like yours and Björn’s was. “Here.” He said and pointed to some trees next to the path. “What?” you asked and tried to see where he was pointing at. “Follow me, I know a shorter route.” Björn said and guided his horse through some bushes. It was a path that not many knew so it was taken over by the wilderness. Branches brushed against your mare as well as in your face. And because of the attention you were paying to the trees, you weren’t ready to respond quickly enough when your mare jumped aside in fear. You slid half out of your saddle, held on to the manes of the horse and tried to keep your balance. Björn looked over his shoulder to you with a worried look in your eyes. “Are you okay?” He asked and pushed a branch to the side to look at you. “I am.” You said and pushed yourself back in the saddle. The horse beneath you stood dead still, watching something in the distance, unable to move. And while she did so, Björn noticed that his horse also had his eyes focused on something. “What is it?” You asked with a soft whisper and tried to watch what they were seeing. “Maybe a deer.” Björn whispered also and leaned forward. He didn’t sounded convinced and from the corner of his eye he glanced at you. “Stay here.” He whispered and dismounted, landing softly on his feet. Immediately he pulled his axe from his side and held it in front of him. “You need that for a deer?” You frowned your eyebrows and shook your head while you saw Björn taking off in the bushes.

A few minutes went by and your mare had found her calm again, just as Björn’s stallion. But from Björn himself there was not a single sign. He had disappeared in the vegetation and you hadn’t heard from him since. Slightly nervous you moved in your saddle, and without wanting it the memories from the night before came up in your mind. With a certain fear in your eyes you looked around, hoping to see the blonde hair from your lover appear. And suddenly the bushes in the distance started to move, heavy footsteps sounded. “Björn?” You asked with a shiver in your voice and pulled the reins from your mare to keep her in place. “It’s Kettil.” You heard Björn roaring, his voice sounded exhausted. He appeared from the bushed again and a heavy weight fell from your shoulder. But the same weight was added back again when you realised what name he had called. “What? Kettil?” Without answering Björn jumped on his stallion and drilled his heels in the ribs of the horse, not even taking the effort to put on his stirrups. “He is trying to flee Kattegat.” A certain dark anger sounded in his voice when his horse took off galloping.




It is time.. time to reveal the secret @lordavanti and I kept from you guys.

You might or might not remember that we were talking about a secret project. Well, that secret project is finally finished. It took us some weeks to get it all on point, but today is the day we want to share this with you guys. And hopefully we can take you on this amazing journey with us.

We have created a Vikings RPG. This RPG goes outside Tumblr and is a whole site, only for the RPG, nothing more, nothing less. It is called Ragnarok, and is to be found right here:

Please feel free to reblog this message, we want to reach as many Tumblr-people from as many lands as possible.

Thank you so much for the many reblogs! But also don’t be afraid to really take a step into this RPG, even if you never done it before. Crawl in the skin from an existing character, or create your own. Just use your imagination, read the explanation and.. write!
We would love to see you joining this experience.


There are still roles from existing Vikings characters left. Don’t let these chances slip through your fingers!

Test reader

Still remember that secret project @lordavanti and I told you guys about a few days ago? Well, it’s almost ready to come out, but first we’re looking for someone who wants to ‘test read’ it for us. To make sure it is easy to understand for everybody and if we didn’t forget something..

It is quite a lot to read and you’ll need to be very focused while you do so. You think you’re the perfect person for that? You want to be the test reader for our little secret project?

If you are interested, send me a personal message (not an ask please) and I’ll respond ASAP.

Lots of love

Secret plans pt.2

A question for you guys: Are you familiar with RPG (role play game)? Do you know what it is? Or maybe you have some experience with it?

Imagine your husband Björn coming back home to you after a…

Imagine your husband Björn coming back home to you after a succesful raid.

Imagine having to tell Ivar who is madly in love with you that…

Imagine having to tell Ivar who is madly in love with you that you can’t marry him because your father already arranged a marriage for you with a prince from another trading center.

Imagine Ivar having a thing for you and ranting at another…

Imagine Ivar having a thing for you and ranting at another viking who was just asking for your attention.