Category: incorrect ragnarssons

“Poor, darling fellow – he died of food. He was killed by the dinner table.”

Margrethe (about Sigurd Snake in the Eye)

“Well, she looks like she’s having a midlife crisis, but she’s dressed like she’s having a quarter-life crisis.”

Bjorn Ironside (about Lagertha)

Erik: I used to be happy without responsibility, the freedom to choose different partners, different nights, but I don’t know, after you and I ended, it just… it wasn’t the same.
Aethelflaed: I’ve been known to have that effect.

Judith: Whatever happened to Magic Mike, that super-hot guy you hired?
King Ecbert: Let’s just say he [Athelstan] is done some quality work underneath me.

Hvitserk: Why do you have the Chinese character for ‘soup’ tattooed on your right buttock?
Margrethe: It’s not ‘soup’; it’s ‘courage’.
Hvitserk: No it isn’t. But I suppose it does take courage to demonstrate that kind of commitment to soup.
Margrethe: How’d you see it? You said you wouldn’t look.
Hvitserk: Sorry. As I told you, the hero always peeks.

“A toll is a toll, and a roll is a roll. And if we don’t get no tolls, then we don’t eat no rolls. I made that up.”


“She’s smart, funny, the way she eats ravioli with a spoon, you’re like “aaahh!”.”

Hvitserk (about Margrethe)

“Romcoms are challenging, but I’m hungry for drama.”

Ivar the Boneless

Hvitserk: Hvitserk, reporting for duty.
Margrethe: Did you just look at my boobs? You should look at my face.
Hvitserk: I’m trying but it’s so close to your boobs.

Hvitserk: Hey, Margrethe saw me naked.
Ubbe: Me too.
[they high five]