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vikingsinuppsala:Sigurd: 4×18 “Revenge”


Sigurd: 4×18 “Revenge”

Viking RPG


If you love Vikings, and you also love role playing then have I found the site for you!

Everything about this site is beautifully done and designed. It’s easy to navigate and the people are so lovely. You can become one of the characters from the show, or you can make your own! I just joined this week and I’m so glad that I did.

A lovely message from a lovely, new member.
So happy to have you with us ♥️

Looking for experienced writers

As the title says, @LordAvanti and me are looking for experienced writers to join us in our incredible Vikings-RPG-journey.

We still have some canon roles left, and it’s such a shame to leave those unfulfilled. The available canons are:

– Sigurd
– Floki
– Helga
– Torvi
– Halfdan

So if you are interested in writing from one of these character’s perspective or already have experience with that (like imagines and stuff), feel free to hit me up!



It is time.. time to reveal the secret @lordavanti and I kept from you guys.

You might or might not remember that we were talking about a secret project. Well, that secret project is finally finished. It took us some weeks to get it all on point, but today is the day we want to share this with you guys. And hopefully we can take you on this amazing journey with us.

We have created a Vikings RPG. This RPG goes outside Tumblr and is a whole site, only for the RPG, nothing more, nothing less. It is called Ragnarok, and is to be found right here:

Please feel free to reblog this message, we want to reach as many Tumblr-people from as many lands as possible.

Everybody, jump on the hype train!

Crawl into the skin of your favorite Vikings character or create an entire new identity. Join the city of Kattegat, Skagerrak, Skagen or Uddevalla and take part in this incredible writing journey with us!

Be there or be square!

princess-sweatpants: Me: How do I get over my crush on this fictional character?Conscience: By…


Me: How do I get over my crush on this fictional character?

Conscience: By crushing on another fictional character, continuing this cycle and be lonely forever and ever, of course.