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Your blood, my blood – [Björn x Reader]

Request by: Anonymous

Request: Some Björn
fluff with him and a teenage daughter?

Warnings: Fluff

Words: 1042

You could feel him staring at you, from
across the field. The sword that was in your hand felt heavy, but Björn’s presence
gave you a little more strength. You wanted to make him proud, so you retook
your grip and jumped forward. A roar that you couldn’t supress came out of your
mouth. The boy in front of you laughed because of your way of attacking and jumped
to the side, dodging your attack. “Is that
fighting?” He asked with laughter and rolled his eyes in their sockets. “Oh
will you shut up?” You muttered at him and frowned your forehead. From the
corner of your eye you could see your father, still looking on how you moved on
the field. This was your chance to show him what you had learned over time. “Don’t
even try, Y/n. You will never beat me.” – “You are right.” You snapped at him
and placed a hand on your side. “I won’t beat you. Not unless you stop jumping
aside like a frightened deer.” And there you pulled his strings. “So, are you
going to pick up your sword again or what?” The boy growled inside of his mouth
and raised his sword again, with his feet he took place, ready to fight. “Bring
it on, little girl.” And you needed
no further encouraging. Again you jumped forward, this time without any noise.
The blades clanked onto each other, and you felt his strength pushing down on
you. You weren’t as strong as him, but you were smarter, faster, more agile. So
you pressed the point of the sword down, circled it around his and turned your
body. By that you brought his sword out of stability, just as the boy himself.
Without any further thinking you raised your leg and forcefully kicked him in
the chest. You heard him gasping for breath before he smacked down on his back
in the sand. He was already down, the training fight was over, but you were not
ready to show him any mercy. You trampled his sword hand, forcing him to let go
of his weapon. After you had kicked it further in the sand, you threw away your
own sword. “Never beat you, huh?” You said with an evil grin on your face. “We’ll
see about that.” And then you threw yourself on him, landed with your knees on
his upper arms and started to punch him in the face.

You didn’t knew how much time had passed when
you heard someone calling your name. “Y/n!” You blinked with your eyes and
suddenly realised that your hands were full of blood. “Y/n!” It was your father
that came running towards you. He placed his hand on your shoulder and pulled you
off the guy that you just had beaten up. “I think he has had enough.” Björn
said. His voice was serious, but it didn’t looked like he was mad at you. When
you realised what you had done, and how easy it had been, you started to
shiver. “Easy now.” Björn said and helped you find your feet again. At the same
time Ubbe had joined you and kneeled down by the boy that was still in the sand.
He started to laugh and gave the boy a hand to help him up. When he looked over
his shoulder, he spoke to Björn. “That daughter of you has got some fire in
her.” You couldn’t help yourself from raising the corner of your mouth and
looked at the sand, trying to hide it. Your father placed his arm around your
shoulder and pulled you closer softly. “You don’t need to tell me that, Ubbe. I’ve
known her since the day she was born. Always been a fighter.” It was a known
story, the difficult pregnancy your mother had had. Not to speak about the
birth, that had taken her away from you and Björn. “He’ll be fine.” Ubbe said
with a nod, making clear that it was okay for the both of you to leave.

“How are your hands?” Björn asked while the
both of you were walking home. “Okay. I guess?” They were still covered in the
blood from the guy that you had beaten up. Björn looked at it and started to
laugh. “What?” You questioned with a chuckle. “Aren’t you supposed to be mad at me?” Björn looked at you from the
corner of his eye. On his mouth there was that rare smile of his, a smile that
only you were able to create. “Why would I be mad?” He asked and stopped
walking to make clear that he meant his words. People on the street were
watching you. It was always a great appearance, seeing Ironside with his
daughter. “You proved yourself. Maybe a little too much, but you proved yourself.” He raised his hand and stroke
through your messy hair. “I’m proud.” You could feel your cheeks starting to
warm up. Your father didn’t gave compliments easy, but this one came out so truthfully.
“But it’s not always a good thing..” You muttered softly and looked at the
ground, questioning your own deeds. “I really lost my control, father.” He could see how you were
struggling with yourself. “I’d rather have someone like you next to me on the
battlefield. Someone who doesn’t hesitate, who doesn’t give up. Someone I’d
know I can count on.” He pressed his finger to your chin to made you look up to
him. He smiled. “You are still so young, Y/n and you have so much more
opportunities ahead of you. Don’t be scared about who you will become.” He
replaced his hand to your cheek and softly stroke over your skin with his rough
thumb. “I’ll be here to guide you. If not by your side, then here..” He took
his hand back and pressed on your heart. “You will be all right.” And then he
took you in his arms, he wrapped them around you and pressed you against his
chest. You felt him kissing the top of your head, and you closed your eyes in
enjoyment while you wrapped your arms around him the same way. “After all, you
are my daughter.” He whispered in
your hair.

Moon of my life Pt.1 – [Björn x Daenerys]


A Vikings and Game of
Thrones crossover.

Request by: @fandomgirl770

Request: Hey, could you please do a drabble with Bjorn/Daenerys Targaryen?
Either them meeting for the first time, having a conversation, an arranged
marriage, or a little Smut maybe, lol Idk. When I think of those two, the first
thing that comes to mind is when Daenerys eats the horse heart and Drogo lifts
her up and holds her. I can picture Bjorn doing the same thing.

Warnings: Storyline

Words: 1174

Note: Like
expected, a little bit too long to be considered a drabble. Part 2 will follow
soon, maybe even a part 3. Please let me know what you think about it, it is my
first crossover and I really don’t know if this is what you guys want to read.
I’m very into storylines, and I know the most of you are very into plotless
smut. So sorry there isn’t any in this part yet, but I promise the rest of this
story will include some.  

Ragnar rolled his eyes in their sockets. He was slowly starting to lose
his patience. “When are you going to start acting like a real son of mine.” Those words hit Björn hard, like an axe through
the heart. He frowned his eyebrows and looked at his father in pure anger. “I
am! It just isn’t fair.” Ragnar looked straight back at him, that typical smile
on his face, his eyes wide open. “Life isn’t fair.” He answered and raised his
shoulders. His son would need some more convincement to make him shiver on his
feet. “Father, please.” Björn implored and the anger on his face disappeared
since it was clear that that wouldn’t change a thing.  Ragnar chuckled and leaned back in his chair,
folding his hands over his lower stomach. “Mother?” Björn turned to Lagertha,
who was stirring in a kettle of soup. She just stood there, smiling in silence.  “I can’t marry a girl I have never met
before.” Slowly he walked towards his mother and felt her hand on his shoulder.
Softly she pinched, trying to comfort him in any way, even though she knew she
couldn’t help him out on this one. “You can, Björn. And you will. Your father
has made that decision for you.” Björn turned his head away from the both of
them and turned his hands to fists. “If you don’t want to do this for your father..” Ragnar said and stood up.
“Then do it for your King. Hmm?” He
tilted his head to the side from discontent and walked towards his son. With a
soft smack he placed his hand on the back of his head and shook it from left to
right. “And remember your purpose, Ironside.”
By those words he left the room, leaving Björn behind with Lagertha.

A few moments in complete silence flew by, until Björn turned towards
his mother again. “He’s always talking about purpose.” Lagertha could see the
questioning look in Björn’s eyes and couldn’t help herself from smiling. “He is
King now.” She said softly, and placed the spoon on the side of the kettle.
“People expect things of him and he needs to keep everybody happy. In this case
that means that he has to forge ties with Skagen,
and the only way to do that is by marriage.” Lagertha sighed, it was hard to
explain to her son why he was being forced into marriage. She could understand
his frustration. “Keep everybody happy?” Björn repeated. “Everybody except for
his son.” He brought his hands towards his face and placed it on his forehead
while he was walking back and forward through the room. “You are the only one
who can help him, Björn. Ragnar would do it himself, but he is already married
to me. And I won’t let him bed two
woman at once.” Björn looked up to his mother and saw the slightly frustrated
look on her face. No, he knew how much his mother loved his father. A second
wife would destroy her. “There is no going back from this, son. I am sorry, but
you’ll have to accept this faith.” She picked up the spoon again and started
steering the soup. Her eyes weren’t pointed at him anymore, as if she wasn’t
able to look him straight into the eyes. “Maybe she’s pretty and you’ll love
her. Maybe she is not, and you will ask her permission to get a second wife.”
Lagertha shrugged her shoulder and looked at her son again. “But only time will
tell. Just remember that you are not alone. You have the Gods. And Me.” Björn could see her compassion, but
he couldn’t feel  it. Slowly but certain he started to realise
that he just had to accept his faith. For his King. But maybe even more for his

Days had gone by, which Björn had spent the way he wanted. In general he
tried to avoid his father as much as possible, to not get reminded all the time
about what was yet to come. But today was the day that he couldn’t ran from
Ragnar. “Björn.” His father shouted, and against his will he walked upon him. “Look.”
Ragnar pointed towards the fjords and the water inside the bay of Kattegat.
Björn pinched his eyes to a slit and could distinguish sails on the horizon. “Is
it her?” He asked with a soft tone in his voice. “The King of Skagerrak.”
Ragnar said and pushed his son to his shoulder. “Her father, which she is going to obey just as you are going to obey me.” Ragnar chuckled and placed his arm
over Björn’s shoulder. “Please don’t hate me yet, son.” He rubbed through Björn’s
blonde hair. “Just wait. And especially see.”
Together they walked upon the docks, and after a while more people from
Kattegat started to joing them. Everybody knew what was going on: They were
being visited by the King from Skagerrak, and Björn was going to ask his daughter’s hand for marriage. Together Skagerrak and Kattegat would form an enormous trade
route, and they would swear loyalty to each other. Something that could come in
handy in times of war. Lagertha had joined her husband and son, and looked just
as them over the water to the boats that were coming closer. Björn felt his
heartbeat raise, and from the moment the boats reached the shore, the only
thing he wanted to do was disappear. People jumped from the boats, servants and
boatmen took care of anchoring in the docks from Kattegat. And then King Rigas
and Queen Gunnovor from Skagerrak showed up. Ragnar laughed and stepped forward
to greet the King like they were old friends. Björn knew his father had been
long from home, but still he wondered how it was possible that there had grown
such a friendship. But he hadn’t much time to think about it, since his
attention was drawn to the next person that stepped outside of the boat.

A slender girl, with eyes as blue as crystals entered the wooden wharf.
She was dressed in a light blue dress that fluctuated because of the soft
breeze that hung in the air. Her golden locks of hair did exactly the same. It
didn’t took long before Rigas and Ragnar noticed the way Björn was looking at
Rigas’ daughter. Slowly but certain she stepped closer, looked for a look of
approval from her father which she immediately got. Björn tried to swallow away
the lump in his throat when he saw her strolling towards him. She looked so
soft, so fragile, but at the same
time she looked strong, compelling.
He couldn’t define what he was looking at, but it was something he had never
seen before. Flawless. The girl stopped
a meter in front of him and nodded softly at him. She looked for his eyes, blue
against blue. Then she raised the corner of her mouth and her face started to
gleam. “Hello Björn.” She said to him. “My name is Daenerys.”

Bjorn x Reader [2]

Request by: Anonymous

Request: Björn meets a servant that was serving under king Aelle that they have taken for their own. She is frightened of most the Vikings until Björn and her meet. He is kind to her fer she is a beauty unlike anything he has ever seen before. Björn descides to take her for himself. Refusing to share her with anyone. He maybe falls a little in love.

Warnings: Alcohol, slavery, a little fluff

Words: 1377

The great hall was filled with laughter, coming from many viking warriors. There was a reason to cheer, just as much as there was to drink ale. Northumbria was many treasure poorer, and Kattegat was many treasure richer. Björn fell a strong smack on his back, and he couldn’t help himself from smiling when he saw a drunk Floki dancing around him. “Look, Björn.” He said with a giggling hiccup and took some sort of golden crown from the pile of gold on the table. “I’m king Aellle.” Floki breathed in a big amount or air, made his stomach expand with volume and blew his cheeks bold. Björn started to laugh out loud, a deep, rumbling laughter that made Floki burst out of his character. They chinked their cups and looked at each other with a wide smile on their faces. “Sköll.” – “Sköll.” Floki emptied his cup in one drink, and looked at the ceiling while turning around his ash. “When are you going to..” Floki couldn’t finish his sentence because of his bursting laughter. “What?” Björn asked, and grabbed Floki by the shoulder to prevent him from falling. “You know what I mean.” He said and giggled yet again. “You are drunk, Floki.” Björn said with a soft scoff and took a can of ale to give the madman another refill. “Yes I am, Björn. But not drunk enough to not get him up.” Floki took another sip and pointed towards his crotch. His moustache became wet with ale because he moved to much while drinking. Björn stroke through his hair, slightly embarrassed about what Floki has said. He knew damn too well what he was talking about. Every man talked about it: Having a woman after battle. “So, when are you going to..? I’m not going to repeat myself little Björn.” All of a sudden Floki sounded dead serious. “I have no woman to share a bed with.” Björn admitted and took another sip of ale to hide his slight frustration. “No woman?” Floki almost yelled. “You can bed every woman. You are Björn Ironside. Women are on their knees for you.” He giggled with his own joke. “Just pick one.” Floki pointed around them. “Any woman you like.” And then he frowned his eyes, thinking about his own words. “Except for my Helga. No, my sweet Helga stays with me.” With a smack Floki placed his cup on the table with gold. The fluid poured over the edged, but he didn’t care. Instead he placed his hands on Björn’s shoulders and started to push him towards the other side of the great hall. “There is one treasure worth more than gold.” They arrived at some kind of circle, and Floki made sure that the viking warriors stepped aside to make place for Ironside. “Take her. Enjoy yourself.”

The Vikings all looked at Björn, like he was some kind of threat to him. And then he saw why. In the middle of the circle there was a girl on her kneew, dressed in a torn apart, linen tunic. From whatever Björn could hear, she was crying. “Who’s she?” He asked to nobody in specific. “One of king Aelle’s whores. We picked out the finest one.” Some old viking said and crossed his arms for his chest. “I’m not a whore.” The girl shouted and raised her head. She looked from behind her hair, straight into the eyes from Björn. And by that he was stars struck. “She definitely has some temper.” The same old viking said and laughed softly, an evil, grotesque laugh. Björn was still looking at the girl as if she was the most beautiful treasure he had ever seen. And in fact she was, even when she was crying her eyes out. “Why is she here?” Björn asked. He felt bad for standing around her, as if she was some caged animal. His question made the Vikings in the circle laugh. “We’re choosing who’s going to fuck her first.” And by that answer Björn frowned his forehead. A rage of anger filled his veins, and he looked at the viking who had answered him straight into the eyes. “Nobody is laying a hand on her.” He snarled from between his lips. His sudden anger surprised the older Vikings and some of them widened their eyes. “But we..” – “Nobody!” Except for himself. He repeated himself in fury and straightened his back. In the end he would always be Björn Ironside, son of Ragnar Lothbrok, and other Vikings would respect him. “Go fulfil your needs somewhere else.” He gestured with his head towards the other space in the great hall. “Go.” And with that command the older Vikings started to take off, leaving Björn with the captured girl from Northumbria.

He kneeled down next to her, tried to catch her eyes with his. But she was too upset to even look up. “What is your name?” Björn asked and tried to stroke her hair out of her face. The girl flinched beneath his touch and crawled to the side. Again she looked at him from beneath her hair. “Your name?” Björn asked again, this time a little more rough. In the end she was still a slave, and she had to obey him. The girl swallowed away her sadness and wiped her hair out of her face. “Y/n.” She answered softly and felt a lone tear rolling down her cheek. “You are coming with me, y/n.” The girl brought her hands to her face, trying to prevent herself from crying again. “I promise I won’t hurt you.” Björn rose the corner of his mouth and reached his hand towards her, opening up. After a few seconds of hesitation, y/n placed her fragile hand in his. Together they stood up, and Björn guided her towards the sleeping quarters. “Where are you taking me?” She asked, whispering. “Somewhere quiet and safe.” The girl listened careful to his words, and felt how his presence made her feel more calm. “You are different.” Her voice was more stable as they walked inside Björn’s room. “Different how?” He asked with a friendly grin on his face. He closed the door behind them. Slowly he started to unbuckle his holster and looked the girl in the eyes. He pointed towards his bed, and carefully she took place. “You have a greater meaning than them. You are younger, yet they listen.” Björn laughed softly because of her answer. “Will you?” He asked and raised an eyebrow while waiting for an answer. “Listen?” She asked. Björn nodded his head. Y/n looked at the floor, already realising what he was going to ask from her. “I will.” She finally whispered and started to slide the linen tunic from her shoulder. This was what men wanted, after battle. Björn was watching her carefully and tilted his head a little. He was torn between wanting her and respecting her. If he was anything like the other vikings, he would turn her on four and fulfil his own, male needs. But like she had said: He was not like the others, he was different. Both of her shoulders were bare naked, and Björn could feel his arousal towards her. But when she started to untie the little ropes by her neck, he stopped her. “Stop.” He said with a deep undertone in his voice. For a second he looked away, trying to control his desire for her body. With a surprised look on her face the girl looked up. Björn pushed the fabric over her shoulders again and took a deep breath. “Get some sleep, okay?” The girl frowned her face, not really understanding what was going on. “What do you want me to do?” She asked him, not certain if she had heard him correctly. “Get in bed and get some sleep.” Another deep sigh, and he raised his hand. The girl watched it carefully as he placed it on her cheek. “We’ll talk again tomorrow, about what we want and what we do.” Björn bit his lip, realising what he let slip through his fingers. The girl nodded, and felt a soft kiss on her cheek before Björn left the room. She was just too special to waste over only one night.

Björn Ironside x Reader [1]

Request by: Anonymous

Request: Björn x Shield maiden reader where their relationship starts like Ragnar and Lagertha where the reader saves his life.

Warnings: Violence, fluff

Words: 1575

A massacre. Bodies spread all over the field. There wasn’t much green left because of the blood that covered the grass. Blood from as well friend as enemy. There were no words for the emotions that flooded through the warrior’s veins. It was even a question if there was already a place for emotions. Adrenaline was still rushing through most of the warrior’s veins. Björn was one of them. Although he was exhausted, sat crouched and looked over the battlefield. The blade from his axe stuck in the grass, his elbow was resting on the handle. “Ironside?” A viking warrior approached and awoke Björn from his thoughts. He looked at the younger boy, his face was just as much covered in blood as his. “We are heading for the village.” The boy said with a little nod before he ran off again, joining the rest of the remaining warriors. Björn took a few more seconds to think everything through before he raised back on his feet again. Time to claim whatever they wanted to claim.

The village they were about to raid was small, not much alike Kattegat. It was abandoned: most of the warriors were killed in battle, others were captured. The woman and children had probably fled. “Let’s split up. Take everything usefull” Björn said, with a raw undertone in his voice. And that was the first time you saw him again since the start of the battle. He looked even more fierce, with his clothes dirty and torn, with all the blood on his hands. The remaining troop split up, just as their leader had commanded. But not you. You stood there, waiting for the other vikings and shield maiden to leave the little town square you had gathered on. “Björn.” You called his name, when he made preparative to go and look for treasure himself. He stopped, looked over his shoulder, and then was when you caught his eyes. “Y/n.” He said softly, and frowned his forehead in question. There had always been a strange chemistry between the both of you. Like a magnet, pushing and pulling. There was something bot none of you was ever able to say what or even take some kind of initiative to find out about it. So there had always been some kind of distance between the both of you. You knew him, and he knew you, but at the same time not at all. “I’m glad to see the battle left you in one piece.” He said, softly. You couldn’t help yourself from smiling and wiped some dirt from your forehead. “So am I, Ironside.” Your answer made him lift the corner of his mouth. It made him immediately look less dangerous and you couldn’t help yourself from smiling more. You knew he had some soft spots, you had seen it before, years ago. But everything that had happened to him, had turned him into.. the person who was standing in front of you. “You need a hand?” You asked him and pointed towards a little house in the distance. For a moment you could see that he was thinking, but eventually he nodded and started to walk towards the front door from the house you had pointed to.

It broke from its hinges when Björn placed his shoulder to it. Wood splintered and the door fell forward with a loud smack. When the dust cleared up, Björn stepped over the door and started to search through the house. You followed his lead. “I’ll take a look in the other room. Are you okay here?” He asked and stared at you with a piercing look in his eyes. Softly you chuckled. “I have survived many battles, Björn. I think I can handle a kitchen.” Björn raised an eyebrow, busted himself that he had asked such a stupid question.. Why had he even asked that? Why was he some kind of worried about you. He felt stupid and started to turn towards the door leading to the other room. “But thank you..” The words were out of your mouth before you knew it. Something inside of you couldn’t deal with the disappointment you could discern on his face. “..for your concern.” Björn nodded and the glance on his face softened before he disappeared in the other room. You kept searching, found some gold, shiny cutlery and grain. But nothing that was really worth a thing. So you decided just to wait for Björn to return from the other room. You could feel the strange tension between the both of you and didn’t wanted to cross his line. So you started to look outside the dusty window, to the empty streets that probably had been full with people, once. People that you had slaughtered earlier. A sigh came out of your mouth and you stroke over your face and through your long, messy hair. The braids that had been in it, were falling apart. And then a loud clap pealed through the house, followed by some bumping against walls. Frightened you looked over your shoulder, it sounded like someone released a wild animal in the other room. “Björn?” You shouted, but there came no response.

So you jumped on your feet and ran through the door that Björn had went through. And then you saw him. It took you a second before you could understand what was happening. There was another man in the room, he was behind Björn and had strung some kind of rope around his neck. Björn was chocking, gasping for breath without any success. His hands were around his neck, trying to pull the rope away from it. But the other man was holding it as if his life depended from it. And then you stopped thinking and started reacting. With a furious shout you pulled your axe from its holster. And then you threw. Accurate, without even have to thing about it. Just the way you always did. A grotesque sound filled the room when the iron pierced the skull from the man. He dropped dead, like a rag doll you had when you were just a little girl. Because the loss of the support from the man and the lack of oxygen, Björn fell through his legs. He sat on his knees, desperately groping the rope that was still tied around his neck, cutting his breath. Without thinking you sunk on your knees next to him and pushed his hands away from his neck. “Let me, let me.” You whispered with a shiver in your voice. You were just as frightened as he was. While you were unknotting the rope, you looked him in the eyes. Some veins had popped, colouring his normally blue eyes dark red. And then the rope finally came loose.

He gasped for breath, but that was the only reflex there was left in his body. Slowly his body started to lower to the ground, his eyes closing. “Björn?” You asked and folded your arms around him to keep him straight up. “Talk to me, Björn.” Out of helplessness you bit your lower lip and pulled him closer to you. ”Please.” And then you pressed your forehead against his shoulder, not knowing what to do. Like that you sat together for a while. Were it minutes, were it hours? You couldn’t tell anymore. Until you felt some movement. Movement coming from Björn. Slowly he was moving an arm. You could feel how much effort he needed to pull it off. Again you looked at him and saw him slowly opening his eyes. “Hey.” You whispered and waited in fear, fear what was about to happen next. ”Hey.” He answered. A raw, muttering ‘hey’, but it was a ‘hey’. The arm he had lifted up, suddenly fell around your neck. An emotional smile appeared on your lips, and you could see the same happening with him. “Don’t ever do that again.” You whispered relieved and pinched in the fabric from his clothes. And then you felt the pressure in your neck: He was pulling you closer towards him. Without any hesitation you leaned in and let the moment take care of the rest. His lips on yours, it was the most saturating feeling you had ever felt. You guided your hands up his face, pulled him even closer and tried to get rid of all the space between the both of you. He opened his arms, turned his lower body and pulled you on his lap. Björn’s hands went up and down your body, like he was trying to make up for all the time in the past that he hadn’t used to touch you. Gently you pulled your lips back, your forehead still against his. “This..” you said, softly panting from the emotions, again “Shhhhh.” He put you to silent and embraced your body with his muscular arms. You couldn’t explain why, but it immediately felt like home. “Thank you.” He whispered. It broke your heart to hear the raspy pain in his voice. But the meaning behind his words made your heart melt. You pressed your face against the safety of his shoulder and there wasn’t much more needed for the both of you to realise that this just was the beginning of something special.

Drabble requests

You know that feeling where you want to write, but don’t know exactely what? Well.. here I am.
My fingers are in a good mood, but there are just toooo many ideas in my head. So, if you have a request about something: Shoot. Double win!

I mostly write for Björn, but am ready to try Ubbe, Hvitserk, Harald or Halfdan. Please no Ivar, I would totally mess that shit up lol.

Note: I have never written smut before, so if that’s in your request (what is probably going to be hahaha you naughty people) I’ll give it a try, but can’t promise the quality.





It is time.. time to reveal the secret @lordavanti and I kept from you guys.

You might or might not remember that we were talking about a secret project. Well, that secret project is finally finished. It took us some weeks to get it all on point, but today is the day we want to share this with you guys. And hopefully we can take you on this amazing journey with us.

We have created a Vikings RPG. This RPG goes outside Tumblr and is a whole site, only for the RPG, nothing more, nothing less. It is called Ragnarok, and is to be found right here:

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We are growing strong, but there is still a place for you!

Want to write from Floki’s perspective? Maybe Hvitserk or Sigurd? Or create an entire new character? Everything is possible!

Hope to see you soon!

Slowly but certain the canons are being taken. If you want one, you got to be fast. But no need to worry; there is still an unlimited space for creating your own Viking-characters.

Love Vikings? Love to read? Love to write? WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?

Valhalla is where you are – Part 5Imagine: You and Björn are…

Valhalla is where you are – Part 5

Imagine: You and Björn are childhood friend who have separated ways when Lagertha left Ragnar. Years later you and Björn reunite and your love for eachother as friends starts to take a turn.

1 | 2 | 3 | 4

Words: 1788

Timeline: Situated around S02E05

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Tags: Emotions

The morning sun shone through the windows inside the house. Dust particles were visible in the yellow rays of sunlight. Slowly but certain you came back with conscious and awakened slowly. You moved your body and heard Björn mumble when you did so. A yawn came out of your mouth as you turned around. “Björn.” You whispered and leaned towards his ear. The both of you were still in the sofa from the evening before. “Hmm?” He answered sleep-drunk. The confusion in his eyes when he opened them made you giggle. “Good morning Björn Ragnarsson.” You whispered and put a soft kiss on his lips before you stood up. The blanket you took with you, leaving Björn in all his gracefulness on the sofa. “My head.” He said as he pinched his eyelids together and smiled towards the ceiling. With his hands covering his manhood as he stood up. “But also a good morning to you, my beautiful y/n.” He pressed a kiss on the crown of your hair. With his hand he stroke over your bare shoulders and walked to his clothes that hung before the stove. The fire had disappeared because of the lack of firewood, but the flames had managed to dry the both of your clothes by morning. “Now let me see.” You said with a concerned smile and walked upon him. “What?” he asked, didn’t knew what you were talking about. “Your side of course. The cut of the knife.” – “Oh, that.” He said and looked at himself. But there was not really much to see. The knife only went through the scarf-skin so it was nothing to worry about. “Are you lucky.” You said while raising your eyebrows. Björn laid his hand on your cheek and looked you straight into the eyes. “Ofcourse I’m lucky. Look at me.” He put a soft kiss on your lips and released you again. While Björn was putting on his clothes, you walked to the kitchen to prepare some kind of breakfast, not that he was very hungry while hungover.
But thinking that was a mistake. After he ate half a bread, four eggs and a lump of cheese he was just starting to feel fulfilled. You were laughing with the amount of food he was able to put through his throat. “What?” He asked you in a laughing way as he put the last piece of cheese in his mouth. “You surely are following your father’s advice.” You answered and stood up to clear the table. Björn shook his head while smiling and leaned aside towards you. He grabbed your belt and pulled you towards him. “Stop that.” He said and took the dishes from your hands, placed them back on the table again. “But I need to clean the mess you made.” You said giggling while Björn put you on his lap, one leg on each side of his body, your face pointed towards him. “Now stay still.” He ordered you in a fun way and grabbed your backside to prevent you from running away. Not that that was your intention. “What?” you asked him with laughter as you saw him staring at you with his bright blue eyes. “Can’t I look to you?” He asked and pulled you even closer. The smile on his lips was to melt for. You didn’t knew an answer, so you leaned blushful backwards. Your head was tilted backwards also so your hair floated through the air. Björn pressed his lips on your collarbone and kissed his way downwards your chest. A small sigh flew over your lips and made him stop what he was doing by running your fingers over his face. You leaned forward again and looked him in the eyes. “What do you want to do today?” He asked and stroke your hair back in place. “This.” You said and clamped your legs around him. Björn started to laugh. “We have plenty enough time to do this.” He answered and softly pressed his lower body against you. You tilted your head and raised an eyebrow from surprise. “Okay then. I still want to see you riding a horse.” You said eventually and an intense flickering appeared in your eyes. Björn pinched in your side playfully. “Are you challenging me right now?” He asked and stood up with you still on his lap. Slowly you slid back on your feet. “It isn’t a challenge if you already know who’s going to win.” You teased him and walked towards the door. “Watch your mouth you little rascal.” He started to run and chased you outside of the house. The only thing hearable was the laughter and screaming from the both of you. It was sensible that the thing that happened yesterday was still there. But the both of you didn’t mention it once. Maybe it was a good thing, trying to forget. For now.
“Are you sure you’re not going to fall off?” you asked him with laughter as you swung your feet over the back of your dappled grey mare. “Very sure.” Björn answered and ascended the dark brown stallion the stable boy had given him. He pressed his heels against the ribs of the horse and it jumped forward in rapture. Björn laughed, pulled the reins and turned his horse while waiting for you. He was amused with what had yet to come. You rolled your eyes when he did that show-off and commanded your mare forward also. It was clearly visible that he possessed some horse-riding skills, but you didn’t knew how far they’d take him. “Are you really going to take both the axe and the shield?” You asked when he bond his shield to his back and put his axe in the leather loop by his waist. Björn didn’t answer, he only looked at you with a serious glance in his eyes before he made his horse walk forward. Immediately you understood he didn’t wanted to talk about it and there was no way you could talk him over. “So where are we going then?” you asked to continued the conversation and came to ride alongside him. “The little lake in the mountains?” he suggested while looking at the sun that burned in the sky. For the time of the year it was very warm. At a footpace both of your horses walked forward. Here and there Björn’s stallion snorted at your mare, but further they behaved very well. It reminded you somehow to Björn himself. So you started to laugh in disguise. “Always laughing at me, aren’t you?” He said and looked sideward to you. You shook your head and looked the other way to hide your laughter. “Just make sure you can follow.” Björn added in a playful way and pressed his heels in the ribs of the horse. The stallion squeaked softly before he jumped forward and took off with a rattling gallop. You let the reins slip through your hands and leaned forward, only to spur on your horse and chase Björn.
Slowly but certain you gained in on him. The hooves of the horses spade the ground and left deep footprints. Björn looked over his shoulder towards you and laughed. “I’ll get you.” You shouted and pressed your heels harder against the sides of your mare. You bowed forward and took the end of the reins to slap softly against the shoulder of your horse. Eventually Björn slowed down and let you gain on him. “Surrendering already?” You asked him and pulled the reins softly. Björn shook his head with a smile on his face. “I just don’t want you to feel bad for losing with such a distance.” You leaned to the side and pushed his shoulder with a soft laughter. Both the horses went back to an energetic footpace, their breath clearly raised just like yours and Björn’s was. “Here.” He said and pointed to some trees next to the path. “What?” you asked and tried to see where he was pointing at. “Follow me, I know a shorter route.” Björn said and guided his horse through some bushes. It was a path that not many knew so it was taken over by the wilderness. Branches brushed against your mare as well as in your face. And because of the attention you were paying to the trees, you weren’t ready to respond quickly enough when your mare jumped aside in fear. You slid half out of your saddle, held on to the manes of the horse and tried to keep your balance. Björn looked over his shoulder to you with a worried look in your eyes. “Are you okay?” He asked and pushed a branch to the side to look at you. “I am.” You said and pushed yourself back in the saddle. The horse beneath you stood dead still, watching something in the distance, unable to move. And while she did so, Björn noticed that his horse also had his eyes focused on something. “What is it?” You asked with a soft whisper and tried to watch what they were seeing. “Maybe a deer.” Björn whispered also and leaned forward. He didn’t sounded convinced and from the corner of his eye he glanced at you. “Stay here.” He whispered and dismounted, landing softly on his feet. Immediately he pulled his axe from his side and held it in front of him. “You need that for a deer?” You frowned your eyebrows and shook your head while you saw Björn taking off in the bushes.

A few minutes went by and your mare had found her calm again, just as Björn’s stallion. But from Björn himself there was not a single sign. He had disappeared in the vegetation and you hadn’t heard from him since. Slightly nervous you moved in your saddle, and without wanting it the memories from the night before came up in your mind. With a certain fear in your eyes you looked around, hoping to see the blonde hair from your lover appear. And suddenly the bushes in the distance started to move, heavy footsteps sounded. “Björn?” You asked with a shiver in your voice and pulled the reins from your mare to keep her in place. “It’s Kettil.” You heard Björn roaring, his voice sounded exhausted. He appeared from the bushed again and a heavy weight fell from your shoulder. But the same weight was added back again when you realised what name he had called. “What? Kettil?” Without answering Björn jumped on his stallion and drilled his heels in the ribs of the horse, not even taking the effort to put on his stirrups. “He is trying to flee Kattegat.” A certain dark anger sounded in his voice when his horse took off galloping.

Imagine Björn having a hard time leaving Kattegat to go and sail…

Imagine Björn having a hard time leaving Kattegat to go and sail the Mediterranean Sea, because he is in love with you, but you are just a servant and aren’t allowed to go with him. Eventually he has to make his decision, and so he commands you to leave the docks, thinking it would be easier to leave without having to see the pain on your face.

Imagine your husband, Björn Ironside, preparing himself to have…

Imagine your husband, Björn Ironside, preparing himself to have a little chat with the man that just harassed you.



It is time.. time to reveal the secret @lordavanti and I kept from you guys.

You might or might not remember that we were talking about a secret project. Well, that secret project is finally finished. It took us some weeks to get it all on point, but today is the day we want to share this with you guys. And hopefully we can take you on this amazing journey with us.

We have created a Vikings RPG. This RPG goes outside Tumblr and is a whole site, only for the RPG, nothing more, nothing less. It is called Ragnarok, and is to be found right here:

Please feel free to reblog this message, we want to reach as many Tumblr-people from as many lands as possible.

We are growing strong, but there is still a place for you!

Want to write from Floki’s perspective? Maybe Hvitserk or Ubbe? Or create an entire new character? Everything is possible!

Hope to see you soon!