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“I might break a bone, but I can never break a promise. I can never forgive Lagertha for murdering our mother. How can you, hmm? How can you? Our mother! Of course I’m going to kill her!”

Ivar to Ubbe | Season 5 Episode 8 “The Joke”

Much greater than Father. In time, the name of Ragnar Lothbrok will fade and be forgotten. No one will ever forget Ivar the Boneless.

“Peace” Promo | Season 5

Screenshots from Season 5 Episode 4 “The Plan” 

Season 5 Episode 3 “The Plan” Promo

Deleted Scene from S5E1 “The Departed” | Credit to DarthAsslog on Reddit

Bjorn and Halfdan in the Sahara | Season 5 

The Ragnarssons Take York | Season 5 

Screenshots from the Behind the Scenes Promo | Season 5

First Look Behind The Scenes | Season 5